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Take care of your cat emergencies at a clinic you can trust

Trust a trained staff and veterinarian to handle all your kitty emergencies



vet caring for an ill cat
nurse bathing a cat

Care for your cat with a full range of emergency services

Whether your cat was injured or just had a litter of kittens, come in for reliable emergency care and pain management services. Emergency services include:
  • Traumatic injury
  • Poisonings and indigestion of non-prescribed medications
  • Seizures and other neurologic abnormalities
  • Labor and delivery
  • Critical care services
  • Pain management
  • End of life care
With an on-site diagnostic stat laboratory, you can count on a fast diagnosis and treatment of your furry family member. 

Keep your cat happy and comfortable

When your cat is sick or injured, it's important to keep him or her as happy and comfortable as possible. Seeing strangers can be stressful for a cat, but rest assured that the staff will show your little one the care and compassion that he or she deserves. 
Fast service, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as respect and love are of top importance when it comes to caring for your loved pet. 

Does your cat need to be seen right away for emergency services? Call or come in now! 


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